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NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration depends on our students, the next generation of space explorers.

What is the 21st Century Explorer? NASA's 21st Century Explorer is a 3rd-5th grade standards-based program that uses the Web, animation, and video to introduce science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and NASA space exploration concepts.

Click on a question below to investigate:
Are we there yet? Why return to the moon before going to Mars?
Why do astronauts eat tortillas instead of bread? Why do we want to study and travel to Mars?
How would your body change in space? Where would a space explorer find water and oxygen?
How can we travel faster in space? What would you find on the moon’s surface?
What will replace the space shuttle? What would you hear in a weather report from Mars?
Why do robots travel places before people? How will your imagination help you become an explorer?
*This project was developed in collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center's Noticiencias NASA™ and NASA KSNN™.