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Weekly Update - JPL

Informal Education

Center Funded Programs

SSAs Support Astronomy Days in Raleigh, North Carolina
POC:  Kay Ferrari,
CC:  Elementary and Secondary Education
MD:  Exploration Systems, Science
More than 14,000 people attended the annual Astronomy Days event held on January 26-27 at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Said Solar System Ambassador Ian Hewitt, "This event was a partnership between NASA, The Solar System Ambassadors, The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and the Raleigh Astronomy club. This year's event was themed Mars and Solar System Exploration. Our featured speaker was Dr. Jim Green, Director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA, but the event also featured multiple presentations by Solar System Ambassadors. All the presentations were standing room only on both days. Visitors also got a chance to learn more about Mars, Solar System Exploration, and the principles of space flight through exhibits provided by NASA, the Solar System Ambassadors, and the Raleigh Astronomy Club. This was a great example of NASA partnering with local organizations to maximize outreach effectiveness and energize local educational efforts. A great example of cooperation was SSAs collaborating with the North Carolina Geologic Survey to create and staff an exhibit on Mars geology. NCGS provided a large collection of rock and mineral samples for visitors to examine and handle, supplementing the Curiosity rock sample kit provided by Ivelisse Gilman and the educators visiting from NASA/Langley. The samples are all native to North Carolina and helped tell the story of geologic similarities (and differences) between the state and what Curiosity, Spirit and Opportunity have encountered on Mars. Missions discussed included Mars Science Lab, GRAIL, Juno, Maven, Dawn, Cassini, Voyager, LADEE, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, New Horizons, and Kepler. Solar System Ambassadors presenting and working the event included: Ian Hewitt, Tony Rice, Alan Rich, Shawn Bayle, Marc Fusco, and Matt Funke." Additional support was provided by Solar System Educator Ken Brandt. Participating from NASA Headquarters was Kristen Erickson of the Planetary Sciences Division. From JPL, Kevin Hussey who demonstrated Eyes on the Solar System and Mars Science Lab engineer Jody Davis. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is a NASA Museum Alliance member.

SSA Visits Two Missouri Schools in One Day
POC:  Kay Ferrari,
CC:  Elementary and Secondary Education
MD:  Exploration Systems, Science
On January 25, Solar System Ambassador Grant Miller of Missouri visited the Johnson County Christian Academy in Centerview to discuss Earth's moon with 25 fifth through eighth-grade students. In the afternoon, Miller visited Martin Warren Elementary School in Warrensburg where he discussed the Space Shuttle program with 25 fifth-graders. Said Miller, "Mr. Laws asked me give his class my Space Shuttle Night Launch presentation (which I love doing since it brings back great memories!) and then to spend about 10 minutes explaining telescopes followed by 20 minutes of questions regarding being an amateur astronomer. This was my second school group of the day and I really enjoyed them both."

SSA Shares Curiosity Mission at Museum Event in Georgia
POC:  Kay Ferrari,
CC:  Elementary and Secondary Education
MD:  Exploration Systems, Science
On January 23, Solar System Ambassador Don German shared the Curiosity mission on Mars with 85 people who attended the Tellus Museum's "Lunch and Learn" program. Said German, "This event was especially fun because the audience was made up of many science-minded folks from a radius of about 25 miles around Cartersville, Georgia." The Tellus Museum is a NASA Museum Alliance member.



Digital Learning Network (NES)

JPL's Digital Learning Network numbers for the week ending January 25, 2013
POC:  Patty Tovar,
MD:  Space Operations
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Digital Learning Network event numbers for the week ending January 25, 2013 are as follows: Completed Events 2, reaching 4 Educators, 0 Parents, 1 VIPs, 0 K-4 Students, 65 5-8 Students, and 0 9-12 Students for a total of 70 participants. Program requests for this week were; States of Matter – 2. States requesting events; NJ – 1, TX - 1.

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